Celebrating Inner Strength at Race Against Cancer 2022

Race Against Cancer

Anyone who runs long distance races knows that it’s not just a physical journey, but a mental one as well - much like the journey to overcome cancer.

For over 7 years, MSD has been a proud supporter of Race Against Cancer (RAC), a run organized by the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). This annual charity run is an opportunity for people from all walks of life to join the fight and run alongside those who have been impacted by cancer. Beyond spreading awareness and solidarity, RAC also helps to raise funds to drive SCS services such as SCS Cancer Care Fund, SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre, SCS Cancer Treatment Fund, SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme, and the SCS Welfare Aid.


No one should fight cancer alone - this event invites people of all walks of life to join in the fight and run alongside those who are impacted by cancer. Funds raised will help to drive SCS's programmes and services such as the SCS Cancer Care Fund, SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre, SCS Cancer Treatment Fund, SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme and the SCS Welfare Aid.

Through the MSD Strength Within Winner’s Booth, we were able to be on ground to cheer on racers, survivors and caretakers, by encouraging them to celebrate the strength within.

Ready. Set. Go!

Race Against Cancer

On 18th September 2022, the race kicked off at Angsana Green @ East Coast, drawing a crowd over of 3,000 runners. Among them were influencers such as Narelle and Benjamin Kheng and Paul Foster, as well as the event Guest of Honour, Minister Chan Chun Sing, Ministry of Education, Singapore. It was truly amazing to see people from all walks of life, braving the morning rain for a good cause.

Over 100 MSD Fiery winged Ambassadors were on ground to inspire the participants to embrace their inner flame of strength within and fight not just cancer, but also the weather! They also prompted them to come up to our Strength Within Winner’s Booth and get a pair for themselves and show their support for the I Can, We Will cause.

Despite the rainy conditions, the runners still ran with their spirits high, determined to overcome any mental obstacles so that they can cross the finish line. Flagged off by Minister Chan Chun Sing, the runners pushed ahead and showed us the true power of inner strength.

Race Against Cancer

We also welcomed the runners to our Winner’s Podium, where they were able to participate in a series of activities such as photo taking at the flame podium, beat ‘cancer’ at the Lung wall and become part of the fight against cancer through removing towels from the wall, which symbolize cancer cells within the lung. We had the privilege of having Minister Chan Chun Sing participate in ‘beating cancer’ at the lung wall!

Race Against Cancer

Image on the right: Minister Chan Chun Sing at the lung wall!

Race participants also took part in an educational Lung quiz and scrolled through our campaign microsite for the answers, to redeem a series of premiums such as the Inner Strength medal, and race stickers to spread positivity and encouragement amongst other participants and more.

Race Against Cancer

Inner Strength Wins All the participants showed so much heart despite the inclement weather, and it’s no doubt just how much can be accomplished when we tap into our inner strength. We’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who showed up, those who swung by our MSD Strength Within Winners Booth and those who supported our I Can, We Will movement.


Do join us at Run For Hope on 6 November if you have missed RAC, and visit the MSD Strength Within Winner’s Booth to show your support in spreading awareness about fighting cancer with your friends and family!