Stories of Inner Strength

Stories of
Inner Strength

Vinit and Deepanshu's Story

Caregiving: Finding the Strength Within as a Family

Deepa Maurya's cancer journey started in 2016. Since then, her cancer has relapsed a total of five times. But through it all, her husband Vinit and son Deepanshu have been by her side, supporting her as her primary caregivers.

In this interview, Vinit and Deepanshu share their journey and the challenges they faced together. Find out how they overcome adversity as a family by tapping into their inner strength.

Share your ‘I Can’ story

Have you been diagnosed with cancer and chose to forge ahead on your own terms? Do you have a loved one who turned to face cancer head-on? As a caregiver, do you have tips and stories of encouragement for other caregivers?

Share your story to help empower others living with cancer.

Remember that there is power in the community, others with a cancer diagnosis could feel supported and inspired by understanding how you are taking on cancer.


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