Treatment of TNBC


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Chemotherapy Chemotherapy1

Chemotherapy is a type of treatment that uses drugs to either destroy or slow down the growth of cancer cells. It is sometimes referred to as ‘systemic’ therapy because the drugs enter the bloodstream and spreads throughout the entire body. In patients with breast cancer, chemotherapy is typically administered either as an injection over a few minutes or as an infusion over a longer period of time.

Chemotherapy is the most common treatment for TNBC. It may be given before surgery, as preoperative or neoadjuvant treatment to shrink the tumour first. It may also be given after the surgery, as postoperative or adjuvant treatment to prevent the cancer cells from developing in other parts of the body.

Your doctors will select the chemotherapy drugs that is most suitable for you, and will let you know how many, how often and how long they expect your treatment to last.

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