Stories of Inner Strength

Stories of
Inner Strength

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Read about how these cancer patients in Singapore have turned to face cancer head on, giving them a new lease of life.

Talking about cancer is never easy. It is our hope that these stories can help you feel supported and inspired to talk to your loved ones or healthcare providers on how you can take on cancer.

Taking on cancer is worth the fight, and you can.

Survivors from all walks of life have faced cancer head on, and forged ahead on their own terms.


Share your ‘I Can’ story

Have you been diagnosed with cancer and chose to forge ahead on your own terms? Do you have a loved one who turned to face cancer head-on? As a caregiver, do you have tips and stories of encouragement for other caregivers?

Share your story to help empower others living with cancer.

Remember that there is power in the community, others with a cancer diagnosis could feel supported and inspired by understanding how you are taking on cancer.


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